Performance & Outcomes Evaluation

TSI uses performance measures to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services. The result of the evaluation, or outcome information, enables TSI to determine if the programs and various interventions are having a positive impact on the persons receiving services.

TSI collects measurement data for goals focusing on three key areas: Effectiveness of services, Efficiency of service delivery, Access and stakeholder Satisfaction. Programs and services are also examined in an effort to adapt and adjust them to better meet the needs of the persons receiving services and to stay current with changes in the industry. The outcomes evaluation is ultimately used to determine how well the agency is meeting its mission and further realizing the vision.

Our programs and services enable individuals to:

  • Become personally and actively involved in their rehabilitation
  • Successfully manage their illness
  • Become more hopeful and positive about their ability to recover
  • Experience a stable living environment
  • Live safely in the community

TSI Outcomes

Building Relationships, Fostering Hope, Changing Lives