Psychiatric Disabilities

TSI uses the Psychiatric Rehabilitation philosophy to provide services to individuals with psychiatric disabilities. We will enable individuals to get and keep their chosen living, learning, working and socializing goals by helping them to gain skills and access needed services and supports. We will work in partnership with the individuals to support mental health recovery, foster autonomy and empowerment, and encourage the development of friendships and supports in the community.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Values

  • People First - Focus on people as individuals regardless of their status, behaviors, capabilities, talents, beliefs, and backgrounds.
  • Individualization - Focus on the unique characteristics of the individual when developing expectations.
  • Self-Determination - Focus on assisting the individual to make informed choices and to gain or accept responsibility.
  • Involvement - Focus on opportunity for the individual to participate in services, management, and governance.
  • Support - Focus on providing assistance to the individual as long as it is needed and wanted to achieve their personal goals.
  • Functioning - Focus on assisting people in acquiring the skills and supports needed to perform everyday activities associated with their valued roles.
  • Environmental Specificity - Focus on the specific context of where an individual prefers to live, learn, socialize, or work.
  • Outcome Orientation - Focus on the quality of services as determined by the individual's assessment of satisfaction and the environment's assessment of success.
  • Growth Potential - Focus on each individual's strengths and a belief that each person has the capacity to recover.

Building Relationships, Fostering Hope, Changing Lives